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The biggest obstacle I encountered when I realized that I was in financial trouble was just that, realizing I was in trouble. I was devastatingly behind in payments and getting ten phone calls a day. My nights were sleepless and I was stressed out from making a move without any employment opportunities. I had some monthly income, but nowhere near the amount to live on. I called a friend who went through the bankruptcy process and she gave me the name of BDO Canada. The other obstacle I remember having about using any debt solution was my pride. However, I made the phone call and was given an appointment based on my availability. I met with Tami in my local office and she was very thorough in explaining all options to me. I was given a reading package and sent home to do a little financial homework. A few days later, we met again to put together a Consumer Proposal to restructure my financial life, the best option for me. I have never been so relieved to hand over my financial life to an organization as I have been with BDO. The people there care. They even go the extra mile and help you set a budget to stay within your monthly financial means. They make you feel that your financial glitch in life is a fact of life and that everyone at some point experiences it. I am thankful for BDO.

Matthew M.

Why we didn’t do this sooner, falls on me! I always thought I would find the money to pay it all back! We transferred to promotional interest rates, ventured to the banks every 6 months requesting a consolidation loan, and for a small while I was able to knock down the debt. But, somehow all that progress I thought I was making just seemed to keep us afloat. As soon as I dropped off the payment and cheque, I saw that tiny light at the end of the tunnel! The possibility of being debt free, and being able to provide for my family and not just sustain it. I don’t know how to say thank you enough. May God bless you with the strength to continue helping others, as you have helped me and my family.

Danielle R.

quoteLI just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service Tami in my local office provided. She was a great listener and an easy person to talk to. She answered any questions I had promptly and thoroughly. If any of my friends require this type of service, I will definitely refer them to her.


I am so glad that I contacted you, as you have been great in helping us get things on the right track to being debt free in 5 years. Stress levels are down now and I cannot thank you enough for getting us straightened out. I would definitely recommend you and your company to anyone in this situation. You were all very professional and accommodating with getting all the information pulled together and with scheduling the required meetings. Again, just a huge thanks.

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